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Founder and Owner - Renegade Applications, LLC

I'm H Trayford, I have been developing video games since 2012 and am currently available for hire in software engineering roles as a permanent member of your team or on a contract basis. My published games include mobile paid and free with in-app purchases, downloadable games for PC and Mac as well as browser games made with HTML5 and JavaScript. I have published games as a solo developer, as a team member and as a project lead, successfully releasing nearly a dozen games on-time and in collaboration with a world-wide distributed network of game developers including artists, musicians and other software engineers.

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Published Games

Team Lead

gif of G-Type

G-Type: Built and pitched initial prototype. Provided weekly progress updates documenting contributions from 32 team members across 12 time zones. Designed and programmed the player score system and pop ups, six power ups, efficient polygon/polygon collision, screen shake, behavior for eight enemies, checkpoint/continue/menu/UI systems, and designed and programmed three cutscenes and two game levels. Contributed artwork for five enemies, three power ups and several pieces of environment art.

gif of Dream Racer

Dream Racer: Built and pitched initial prototype and provided weekly progress updates documenting contributions from 23 team members across 12 time zones. Programmed in-game level editor, core gameplay, pseudo-3D appearance, background parallax, time limit and collision detection. Designed two levels, created and integrated dozens of pieces of artwork.

Team Member

gif of Exit the Shadow

Exit the Shadow: Implemented dynamic colored lighting using WebGL based on game theme. Designed and implemented color and movement of lighting for all three bosses. Created and incorporated floor, wall and boss art based on existing artwork. Implemented improved collision detection and depth sorted drawing. Updated input methods to strengthen use of keyboard only, mouse-and-keyboard, or gamepad only styles of play.

gif of In the Zone

In the Zone: Designed and programmed all menu functionality including main, scrolling credits, game over, and settings (volume, music, game mode, court and difficulty) menus. Programmed demo gameplay on title screen. Designed and implemented two additional game modes - practice and around-the-world. Created street court art and implemented it with additional functionality. Also conducted testing to identify and correct bugs, improving overall level of polish.

gif of Warped Radar

Warped Radar: Designed, implemented and used an internal dialog editor to write the dialog for this narrative heavy game. Optimized culling and sorting of tiles to improve performance while ensuring accurate depth sorting for the 3/4 view overworld. Tiled Map Editor integration, including multiple, multi-layered maps with proper transitions between them. Integration of nine different characters, including 3/4 view and dialog portraits for each. Improved interactable object code and developed the event manager to advance and track player progress through the game including detecting the win condition and displaying the end-game text.

gif of Ghosts in Neo-Tokyo

Ghosts in Neo-Tokyo: Implemented horizontal and vertical camera scrolling including a 'dead zone' to minimize unwanted camera shake. Corrected bugs in player animation and collision detection. Implemented button response and effect including locking and unlocking doors to other zones of the game. Refactored the code base to more easily differentiate between enemies and objects. Improved behavior of bosses during combat.

Solo Developer

Word Fall: Authored all art, programming and design using Photoshop and the Phaser JavaScript game engine. Incorporated Node.js to produce a downloadable executable for Windows and Mac. Published to itch.io alongside additional blog posts describing the experience of learning Node.js.

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Code Fall: Authored all art, programming and design using Swift and Apple's SpriteKit API. Utilized animations for screen transitions, character selection and timer behavior. Built a basic parser to validate code input by the player. Prepared all documentation for publication to the iOS App Store.

Cover The Core: Executed all game programming with Objective-C using Apple's SpriteKit and OpenGL-ES. Integrations included In-App purchases; touch, gyro and acceleromter input; and Deeplink and Game Center. Created all in-game artwork and sound effects, resulting in successful submission of multiple versions and 3,000 downloads in 2017.